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Obduction: Cyan's New Kickstarter-Funded Game

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During the past few months, there has been much speculation surrounding Cyan's secret new project; the speculation and excitement rose dramatically over the past few weeks, as Cyan dropped various teasers about its upcoming new game. The wait is now over, as Cyan has formally announced its latest project: Obduction, a first-person adventure in the spirit of Myst and Riven and financed through Kickstarter, with an ambitious $1,100,000 goal.

Details are scarce on the nature of the game itself, but the Kickstarter page does give several indications:

  • Obduction will be played from a first-person point of view with a interface which is "intuitive and transparent",
  • The game will have many puzzles of varying difficulty,
  • The premise consists of the player getting abducted and taken to another world, where he meets other people who have also been abducted,
  • The game will feature a "deep storyline" and "engaging characters", possibly a departure from the traditional Myst concept of solitude while playing,
  • Unreal Engine 4 will power Obduction,
  • Obduction will be available for both Windows and OS X (additionally, if Unreal Engine 4 introduces Linux support, Cyan will consider a Linux port of the game).

Cyan is offering a variety of rewards for backers, ranging from insider updates to t-shirts to a dinner with Rand Miller and access to early builds.

No stretch goals have been announced so far, but as of this writing, people have already pledged more than $75,000. With 29 days to go and assuming the money keeps coming in, it probably won't be long before the project is fully funded and stretch goals can be considered (in fact, one stretch goal which Cyan is already considering is Oculus Rift support).

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